Impressive sculptures by Eddy Roos at castle The Borg, for which he designed the garden as well according to the golden section.

Two Summer Workshopweeks: Portrait (Mon. July 24 – Fr. 28)
& Figure Study (Mon. July 31 – Fr. Aug. 4)
(Can be followed in conjunction)

The renowned Dutch figurative sculptor Eddy Roos conducts two separate weeks this Summer: a Master class level studyCandidates are figurative sculpture graduates and motivated autodidact sculptors.

Eddy Roos’ vision

In recent years highly realistic sculpture seems to be the new fashion. Yet sculpture is not ‘copying as accurate as possible’. Figurative sculpture has always incorporated abstraction: from the Egyptians to Henry Moore & beyond. Learn to strive for sculpture that has a life of its own, rather than imitating a model. Eddy Roos teaches the basics of making a sculpture with architectural, monumental qualities, leaving students free in the personal, final ‘touche’.

Eddy Roos in one of the ateliers. Seize this opportunity to study with a master who was works in a direct line from Carpeaux, Rodin, Despiau…




€ 550 per week, incl. lunch, coffee, tea, etc. Excl. material, accommodation (app. € 50-60/night)   /   Min. 6 students, max. 12.

More information on Eddy Roos: www.eddyroos.nl

More information: Eddy Roos 06-3383 3332.